Do what you can.

I am a worrywort. I worry a lot. I was always a anxious kid, probably because of this (and many more other reasons, but mostly). I've taught myself to cope with it, although the method, probably is not at all perfect.

Other than the times that I am overwhelmed with worrying (usually about the timeline and the future life, as someone in the mid-late 20s probably very normal to do), I try to think to do whatever I can at the moment, even if it is doing nothing. In other words, focusing on the present. It took off the weight off my shoulders in a way that I could REALLY tell myself everything will be ok. (And also the bit of luck/coincidential opportunities I've been encountering lately was reassuring, but I tell myself never to rely on those.)

Also, the more I meet new people and the more I interact with them, it is even more prominent that what you have is not what you are. It's what you do, and how you think. Yes, of course one cannot completely ignore the materialistic side of the world to be realistic, but my point is to not focus on it. There's something about just focusing on what you make, have, will have (esp. money wise) that drains a person, and puts the person into a sad and grumpy corner.

For me, I am priviledged to have a very supportive family, about what I do, and trusting me. I understand my stand point does not apply to most, and it also differs in the cultural aspect. Yes, I may seem spoiled, I am very aware of so.

The idea of not being hung up on what I don't have just became more important, and I realized draining myself mentally and phisically was not worth it at all. (Recovering from the drainage that occured past several years took a long time, and I may still be in process.)

I am also beginning to realise that this blog is becoming my therapy sesson, and well, I'm ok with that. It's nothing I don't say in real life.

All in all, to end this one, the whole thing about this (and probably very obvious to say) is to do what you can do now, and eventually you will get to the place where you can do what you couldn't do. Be present, live the now.